Jan 3, 2006

Personalizing Email Newsletters with MailChimp *|MERGE|* Tags

Th_mergeIf you’re a programmer, web developer, or owner of an e-commerce website, you probably already have your own opt-in customer database, and you just need a simple HTML email delivery and tracking tool.

That’s where MailChimp shines. You can segment your list however you choose, then export it into tab-delimited format. Then copy-paste your data into MailChimp, and click send.

What makes this really cool is that you can paste an UNLIMITED number of columns into MailChimp, then personalize your campaigns any way you want by inserting a *|MERGE|* tag that corresponds to each column from your database. Follow the link below for an example campaign from a MailChimp user…

Brent Young, from SwapDrive, runs an online backup service called, @Backup. He uses MailChimp to send transactional emails to his customers.

But he doesn’t just personalize his emails with the easy, "Dear FNAME" stuff (which any monkey could do). He really goes all out, and typically pastes over 20 columns from his customer database into MailChimp, then uses our *|MERGE|* tags to add data like:

  • Customized upgrade offers specific to each customer
  • "Customer Since" date
  • Machine ID
  • Renewal date
  • The vendor that referred the customer

To learn more about how our *|MERGE|* tags work, read the knowledge base article here.

Here’s a screenshot of one of his emails (look at all those *|MERGE|* tags!):

Swapdrive @Backup email