Feb 28, 2011

Performable Integration with MailChimp

Sometimes at MailChimp, we have ideas for features or new products, and we almost do them. Then for some reason we don’t. Then, we see someone else do it, and they do it waaaaaaaaay better than we would have. Then they integrate with our API. That’s when we say "Wow, we really lucked out there."

Not because it saved us some dev cycles, but because it could’ve been such a distraction for us to jump into some totally different industry.

Like Lifecycle Marketing. Which is best left to companies like Performable, who just announced a new integration with MailChimp that lets you do some really amazing things.

Performable basically tracks visitors as they move around your website and do certain things (like visit pages, download white papers, make purchases, talk to your support team, etc). Then, you can setup automated marketing rules based on what those people did.

For example, you can setup a shopping cart "Fetchback" campaign:

where you find people who added products to their cart, but for some reason did not complete their purchase.

You can even tell it to wait 1 day before sending them an email campaign with MailChimp:

On the topic of fetchback or "shopping cart abandonment" campaigns: I’ve seen some companies do this well, and I’ve seen some do it horribly wrong. When I shop online, I add things to my cart then change my mind all the time. Okay, that’s not true. Usually I leave stuff in my cart because I have to go get my wife’s permission to buy it, and it takes me a while to work up some good, credible reasons why we can’t live without it. The last thing I want is a "fetchback" email from someone asking me "Hey valued consumer, where’d you go? Come back and buy those wonderful things! Here’s a coupon…" Instead, stores should send me details and features lists, to help me make my case. I already want it, but I need a valid excuse to buy it (See: Why We Buy). Even then, stores should only send me an email if they have a prior relationship with me (like if I’ve bought their stuff, and opted-in for email marketing from them).

Okay, all preaching aside, stores that are new to me and get too specific about tracking my shopping cart behavior creep me out. But the ones who send conveniently relevant content (maybe even a discount) about the general category of product I was researching are quite nice. Use this power responsibly. Moving on…

Anyway, as you can see, the Performable interface is extremely intuitive and easy to understand.

Case in point — here’s how to set up an automated email campaign for people who’ve signed up for a free trial of your product, but haven’t logged in for 14 days:

and here’s how to send an automated email to someone who’s purchased a subscription for your web app, but haven’t used it, and who’ve contacted your support team (Performable also has an integration with Zendesk):

They recommend using this opportunity to try to schedule a call with the customer.

Interested? They created a special landing page (of course) with a demo video. A lot of our customers have asked us for this level of "tracking and triggering" inside MailChimp, but with all the different use case scenarios and different companies’ needs out there, it would’ve taken us ages to build something great. We’re so glad to say that Performable has beaten us to it, so go check them out.