Oct 26, 2009

Party Pooper Mode – How to Hide MailChimp

party-pooper-thmOne of the things that makes MailChimp special is that we try to make email marketing a little fun. It’s been a secret to our success, really.

(Queue the dark clouds and thunder sound effects)

But some people want MailChimp’s power without all the jokes (some people like the jokes, but their clients don’t).

So we launched a new feature: Party-pooper mode…

Go to Accounts –> My Defaults


Scroll down to "Party pooper mode" and check the radio button for "disable MailChimp humor:"

Don't like our sense of humor? Turn it off with party-pooper mode.

Don't like our sense of humor? Turn it off with party-pooper mode. Warning: activating this feature might cause sudden drowsiness, or the mis-perception that you are using another email provider.

We’ll turn off jokes and links to videos, and we won’t say the word "bummer" anymore. Apparently, some people are offended by that word.

Also, some people didn’t like how MailChimp said he wasn’t wearing any pants:


Yes, it’s just the suggestion of cartoon nudity, but the thought of naked apes (yes, they’re supposed to be naked, but still) is just too much for some.

So enabling party-pooper mode will remove the chimp altogether, plus his witticisms.

Keep in mind you’ll also lose his occasional compliments:


and his links to educational videos:


Seriously though.

All joking aside (pun intended), this can be handy if you’re setting up MailChimp for one of your clients and you don’t want to risk offending them or scaring them with fun. At least not in your first few meetings. After they get more acquainted with our powerful features, you can suggest they turn the humor on to make the experience more "MailChimpy."

Also see:

  • Alternatively, you can manage your client’s account for them, and just send them to their own rebrandable reports pages.
  • You can also turn on party-pooper mode by typing HIDEFREDDIE while using the app. Typing SHOWFREDDIE will bring him back. For more Easter egg fun, try using the Konami code inside MailChimp a few times. Random stuff happens.