Sep 16, 2008

osCommerce and Joomla Plugins for MailChimp

The MailChimp Plugins page just keeps growing.

osCommerce logoGraith Internet gives us an osCommerce plugin that adds a "subscribe me to your newsletter" checkbox to your ecommerce checkout process. Their first name and email are then added to your MailChimp list. Great for e-retailers to grow your list and send offers! Be sure to also check out our Google Analytics integration and new email campaign ROI tracking tools.

Joomla logoGenerationSix posted a Joomla! extension for MailChimp. I’m really happy about this one, because whenever I mention MailChimp’s API and our plugins page, all I ever hear in response is, "Any Joomla plugins?" and "Got any Joomla plugins?" and "Haven’t you guys ever heard of Joomla?" and "Why aren’t there any Joomla plugins?" Now when people ask me if we have Joomla plugins, I can finally say, "YES!" (but then people ask me why I say "yes" so loudly).

Plugins are an easy way to just plug MailChimp functionality into just about any product. Developers have created plugins for Drupal, Foxy Cart, Movable Type, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Zen Cart, and TypePad.