May 20, 2005

Open Rate Tips from California Wineries

Sherpa just re-posted a great article on how a California winery keeps their open rates above 50%. Love the bit about ladybugs bringing in $16,000 in sales—brilliant.

The article includes great advice on segmenting your list, send frequency, varying offers, and measuring campaign performance:

  • Keep the "from name" consistent across all campaigns
  • Segment your list into seperate audiences, like consumers, retailers, news/press, club members, etc.
  • Send different offers and campaigns to different audiences
  • Send to different audiences at different frequencies
  • Give subscribers things that non-subscribers can’t get—make them feel special, so they spread the word (and your list grows)
  • Always start your subject line the same way (preferably with company name)
  • Track results per campaign, and per content type. Put your
    campaign stats in a spreadsheet, and measure performance of content,
    like articles vs. promos vs. news vs. advice, etc.

Read the article for more great tactics:

Key takeaways for our MailChimp users:

  • Keep your from name and the beginning of your subject lines consistent by using the "My Defaults" settings under your Account tab in MailChimp.
  • Take some time to segment your list into different audiences, then paste them into MailChimp as seperate campaigns. Store them into the handy MailChimp folders to keep them organized.
  • Make different newsletter templates, store them in a "Templates" folder, and "replicate" them for each new campaign
  • MailChimp automatically tracks all your results per campaign. And now we offer downloadable Excel files, so you can more easily create your own spreadsheets from campaign data and measure content effectiveness.