Oct 11, 2011

OnStage, our campaign collaboration tool, gets a facelift

Update (2/11/15): The OnStage application is no longer available. OnStage’s collaboration tools are now native to MailChimp, making it easier than ever to share campaign design duties, request feedback, and leave comments for other team members.

OnStage - A collaborative app for MailChimp campaignsOnStage is a tool that lets your MailChimp email campaigns take the stage to receive realtime feedback from collaborators and head honchos. We launched it 2 months ago for you to give us some feedback.

When Aarron first introduced OnStage, he ended the announcement with this warning:

We built OnStage quickly and rather than letting it languish in a state of perpetual polishing, we’re launching it today, rough edges and all.

We spent the last few weeks working on OnStage to get rid of those rough edges and introduce a few neat features in the process.

API Keys, no more!

Having to enter your API key every time you wanted to use OnStage was a pain. With our shiny new implementation of Oauth2, you’ll be logging into OnStage with your MailChimp credentials instead. Not only is this much more secure, but it’s so much easier for folks that are constantly using OnStage.

You should find all your previous campaigns, todos, comments, and revisions just like you left them. If you encounter any monkey business, please let us know!

As an added bonus, you should not see as many errors regarding emails already being used for OnStage accounts. We’ve done some reworking of the code to make sure that anyone with any email can collaborate with someone else with OnStage.

The new OnStage Login screen

Oooh, preetty!

We have a top-notch team of designers and front-end guys. We grabbed a few of them, stuck them in a dark room, and didn’t let them out until we had a beautiful new skin for OnStage. The result is something that is much easier on the eyes, but also contains lots of bug fixes for all the poor souls out there using Internet Explorer.

OnStage showing off some sexy responsive layouts

A few goodies we snuck in there

A broken link in an email campaign is like leaving "sale" advertisements from the month before plastered on the walls of  your store. We’ve now added an easy way to check your links from OnStage just by hovering over a link. You’ll get a nice tooltip that shows you the URL, which you can conveniently click to open that link in a new window.

Awesome link-checking tooltip

A lot of you also were interested in knowing who created each todo. You can now hover over each todo entry to show the name of the creator. For all you interns out there that were getting clever on your todos, your brief period of enjoying the first amendment is now over.

See who created a todo

Lastly, we figured it would be useful to be able to see the current password for the campaign without having to click on the email link. Hover over the "Invite People" menu to reveal the current password. If you click on the link, the password will be selected for you, ready for a quick CMD + C (or CTRL + C for you Windows people).

Easy access to the campaign password

We’ve got plenty of  ideas on how to make OnStage great, but we can’t do it without your help and feedback. Let us know what you love, what you hate, and what’s missing so that we can continue to make OnStage better. We hope it makes your email-sending-world-domination plan just a bit easier on you.

Check out OnStage