Jan 7, 2005

Online Conversions

If you’re like us, you’re constantly looking for ways to convert more of your site visitors to paying customers. Here are some interesting tidbits of Online Conversion wisdom (and a few rants) from the folks at Future Now…


They make a good point—how many of us write web pages (or email campaigns) that are "truly irresistable" to your potential customers? Do you take the time to write "exceptional copy" for your product descriptions? Or do you just slap a thumbnail on the page, stick a couple bulletpoints next to it, and say, "Click here to buy!" ? C’mon, don’t get lazy.

Anyway, it’s a nice read. I have to say though, their title, "Still Falling Short in E(xceptional)-tail?" tries to play on the word "e-retail", but I think having the phrase "exceptional tail" got it filtered as spam for me. Glad I fished it out of my junk folder!