Sep 28, 2011

One Meeeellion Users!

Yesterday we hit a pretty special milestone here at MailChimp HQ, and to celebrate we gave away lots and lots of MailChimp goodies. Thirteen thousand items, in fact. One million users is a great accomplishment, but we certainly couldn’t have done it without all of you. So thank you, from the bottom of our warm, furry little chimp hearts. You really are one in a million! *wink*

epic 1 million user cofounder chest bump

epic million-user cofounder chest bump

Liquidating thirteen thousand items– including MailChimp tshirts, monkey hats and plushies– is no small feat. But to do it in just 18 minutes and via the internet? Now that is impressive.

About a week before we projected we’d be hitting one million users, Ben blogged about our great million-user giveaway. Step one complete.

We kept a close watch, and yesterday morning when we were sure we’d hit our mark, our marketing team sent out an email to folks who signed up to be notified of future MailChimp promotions. Then we started dropping little hints via Twitter and Facebook which really got people excited. The tension was palpable.


When one of our users tweeted the following photo, and we knew it was getting really close.

time for champagne!

I mean, how could I not share this photo? Adorable!

It also made us realize we needed champagne on hand! Luckily Video Josh came to the rescue, bringing back the bubbly just in the nick of time.

champagne wishes and caviar dreams

When we finally hit the million-user milestone, we tweeted the news and posted to Facebook, and you guys went crazy. Literally. We have realtime video evidence!

And here’s a chart of our Twitter activity from yesterday that I pulled from Topsy, which has an awesome and free Twitter analytics tool.

tweet activity

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to offer folks a way to be notified of future promotions because we LOVE giving away goodies! We collected emails on our landing page, and the list growth chart is pretty astounding.

promotions list growth

See? Giveaways do work for increasing your subscriber list, even with double opt-in forms.