Feb 16, 2006

NewsletterArchive.org – Great Place for Email Newsletter Ideas

If you’re ever looking for ideas or inspiration for your email newsletter, you should check out newsletterarchive.org. They’re archiving email newsletters (contributed by volunteer recipients) just like the WayBack Machine archives old websites (check out this embarassing link to our old MailChimp site — like an old high school picture or something!).

I was just browsing around the email archives, and was amazed at all the big name emails we have access to now (and we don’t have to opt-in to them all!). I was looking at emails from Hershey’s, MSNBC, Starbucks, and more. The ones that caught my eye were National Geographic’s and Barnes and Noble’s. They both had website search boxes in their emails. Hmm, that’s something to test again. Last time we investigated, forms worked fine in HTML email as long as you use the "GET" method.