Mar 30, 2011

New Webinar Structure

At first glance “webinar” is a funny word. Webinar could easily be French for “deep philosophical pondering atop a spider’s web” or ancient Greek for “weapon fashioned from a webi”. But to the modern person, Homo Tecnologicus E-mailienci, webinars are a way of learning at 2 am while sipping on chamomile tea in their jammies. Specifically, it’s training that you would normally travel for, delivered directly to your comfort zone.

This “training in your comfort zone” maxim has been the guiding star for all of our endeavors here at MailChimp’s webinar team. We stay up nights (ok that may be an exaggeration…although not by much) thinking up new ways to teach people how to get the most out of their MailChimp account.

As some readers may remember from earlier posts our webinars have been an ever-evolving process. From the early days of twice a week to its current format, we are perpetually looking for new and better ways to deliver useful information in a concise, fun and dare I say professional manner.

Let me tell you, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. We have to come up with new content to then test our new material, as well as calibrating new bananas for strategic “good luck charm” purposes. It is time consuming and more often than not a creative process we love and respect dearly. We love it because it is the mechanism by which we express ourselves. We respect it because of how often we see what we teach reflected in successful campaigns and accounts.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce a restructuring of the webinars that we all know and love. Up until now, the webinars have been a giant monolith of awesome. The “Getting Started Webinar”  is one massive session where we cover most basic functionality from top to bottom. A “one stop shop” for information on your MailChimp account. Although this has worked, we are now moving to a more academic template. Which is to say, separating the “Getting Started” session into easier to digest, shorter to watch, bite-sized doses of useful information.

Starting April 4th the Getting Started webinar is now 3 separate sessions, which are:


MailChimp 101:

  • List Creation: how to get your list in sending order ASAP
  • Campaign creation: Where to start and which options to choose
  • Reporting: ‘Cause who doesn’t like to crunch number and stats


MailChimp 102:

  • Embeded forms: Getting subscribers right from your website
  • RSS to Emails: Emails with live content from your blog or website
  • Advanced Merge tags: Above and beyond the run of the mill merge tags


MailChimp 103:

  • Reporting: an in depth look at the data your campaigns are generating
  • A/B Split: a look at how to test specific components in your campaign
  • Advanced Segmenting: how to use information for targeted campaigns