Sep 15, 2009

New Twitter email template in MailChimp

twitter-loveMailChimp’s list of built-in social media features just keeps growing.

Today, we launched a new twitter email template. The twitter template is perfect for social media power users (um, no "social media d-bags," please) who want their emails to follow their twitter "identity."

Here’s how it works:

When you go to create a campaign, select the "new email" tab:


Then choose the new "twitter" template option:


On the next screen (the campaign builder), you’ll see that MailChimp visits your twitter page, and automatically pulls in your colors and background image:


If you look closely at the right column, you’ll notice a nifty new twitter merge tag:


Where it says "TWITTER:FULLPROFILE" we’ll insert your twitter avatar, follower count, and recent tweets.

Clicking on "pop up preview" will show you how the merge tag looks when it pulls in your data:


As you can see, there’s even a little link to "follow."

Setting Up The Twitter Integration

How does MailChimp even know your twitter account? Because by now you’ve used our awesome campaign tweeting and re-tweet tracking integration, right?!? If so, your settings are already saved. If not, just make sure you go to your account page, then click on Integrations:


and then enter your settings for twitter:


Finally, if you’re new to MailChimp’s social features, check out this video:

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