May 11, 2007

New Twist on Nigerian Spam

New twist on Nigerian spam. Siiiiigh. People are falling for this stuff?

All new computers should come with a boot-up screen (with a followup quiz) to teach newbies the basics. This woulda saved me a lot of embarrassment when I first got on "the Internets:"

  1. If someone sends you an email with a really cool, amazing fact, it’s a lie.
  2. If someone sends you an email asking you to "forward this to 10 friends" don’t do it. It’s a lie, and your friends will secretly hate you.
  3. Don’t download anything. It’s got a virus in it.
  4. Don’t give your email address to just anybody.
  5. Unless you are a king or prince from some far off land, there is no reason a king or prince from some far off land would be contacting you to transfer his money to your bank account.
  6. If a woman starts chatting with you online, that’s really a man. A dirty, dirty man.
  7. That really funny joke or web page you’d like to share with all your new online friends? Don’t do it. We already read it 5 years ago. Wait 5 years before forwarding any jokes or URLs to friends.