Dec 4, 2014

New Subscriber Popup Forms and an Undo List Import Button in v9.8

Update (10/25/17): We’ve made our pop-up forms easier to use and more customizable, so you can create forms that work for your business in the same place you manage all of your other marketing. And, since you can now enable single opt-in on pop-ups (and all other MailChimp forms), new subscribers can join your list in one simple step. Check out this blog post for more information.

This week, we’re launching MailChimp v9.8, our final release of 2014. Many of its updates are of the housekeeping variety, but there are a couple of noteworthy new features that we want to bring to your attention.

Subscriber popup form

If you’ve worked with our embeddable forms in the past, you might be familiar with the "popup" option. When enabled, it allows for the the Classic version of our embed form to be overlaid on your website, X amount of time after someone arrives at the page. The popup mode has been a helpful feature for a lot of users over the years, but with this release, we wanted to rethink our approach to it.

The next time you visit the Lists > Signup forms page within your account, you’ll encounter a brand new form option: the subscriber popup.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.25.46 PM

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the subscriber popup form looks a bit different than the other form options in MailChimp. We’ve incorporated many of the design elements that are found throughout our Email Designer (like the two-paned display and the tabbed editing options) into the builder, so your popup form is more customizable and easier to design than ever before.

All of the details and setup instructions can be found in our Knowledge Base, but here are a few of the key points:

  • The subscriber popup form is highly customizable. Choose from 4 different layout options, and add your own image or text to the form. This can be used to invite site visitors to sign up for your list and to detail the purpose or frequency of your emails.
  • Any fields—yes, even groups—can be marked as "required." Why? Short answer: The subscriber popup form isn’t as tightly coupled with your list as the other forms that are available within your MailChimp account. As a result, these forms allow you to arrange fields in any manner that you’d like and to set up required fields independently of that field’s status in your list.
  • Once the form’s code has been embedded on your website, you can make changes in real time without being required to paste in an entirely new string of code. Simply go back into the form editor, make your desired updates, and voilà—everything will automatically be reflected on your popup form.

Undo Import button

If you’ve ever accidentally imported the wrong list into your MailChimp account (or, worse, a client’s MailChimp account) you know that the process for removing that list felt a little, well, cumbersome. In the v9.8 release, we’ve added an Undo Import button so you can instantly remove that collection of addresses from your list with just a couple clicks.


The Undo button can be found on your list’s Import History page. Just choose the import in question, type “UNDO” when prompted to confirm the action, and those imported addresses will be removed from your list.

Odds and ends

We’ve also added a SoundCloud icon to the Social Follow content block options in the Email Designer, made a few minor changes to the organization of the Account and My Profile pages, and tidied up a handful of things behind the scenes.



It’s been a busy year for us here at MailChimp, but rest assured that we’ve already got some pretty big plans in the works for 2015 and beyond. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the enhancements that we’ve made in v9.8. As always, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback.