Feb 12, 2010

New Quick Poll Merge Tag

poll_thumbWe’ve implemented a new merge tag that allows you to quickly gauge subscriber sentiment about a question or issue, using a rating scale of 1-10. This is a great little addition for all sorts of different users. Imagine you’re a restaurant that just launched a new lunch menu. Why not ask people how they’re enjoying it? Or if you’re an auto shop, you could ask how likely your subscribers are to recommend you to a friend. The possibilities are virtually endless.

You’ll add the quick poll merge tag when you get to the third step of the campaign builder and are populating your template with content.


The syntax for the merge tag is as follows:

How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or coworker?

H is for horizontal
V is for vertical (if you want to place in your template's side column)

As you’ll notice, you can use this merge tag more than once. Just be sure to close each * |POLL:RATING:H| * tag with a corresponding *|END:POLL| *


Once you’ve sent your email and are ready to take a look at your poll results, you’ll find them on the Reports page.


As you can see below, you’ll get a grid of answers for each of the poll questions you ask, including the number of votes, the overall percentage of answers, and a time stamp for the last time someone selected that option.


A couple caveats to be aware of:

  • you must be a subscriber to vote, and you can only vote once
  • you’ll only be able to vote by clicking 1-10 in the actual email; this merge tag will not work on the campaign archive page
  • polls will still work regardless of whether or not you’ve enabled click tracking