May 24, 2011

New Printable Reports

If you share campaign stats with your boss or clients, you may be familiar with our VIP Reports. They’re a great way to share online campaign stats without giving anyone else access to your MailChimp account. But sometimes the head honchos need a printed report, because they’ve got people checking their work too. To do this you’ve had to print individual report pages that, while serviceable, just don’t have the same visual impact as our VIP Reports. That’s no good. We want to make sure that you get all the credit you deserve when showing off your campaign stats. Our new print reports are just the way to get it.

A collection of sample pages from the new MailChimp print reports

With our recent release we’ve introduced a fancy new way to customize and print your reports. When you click ‘print’ in your report overview, you’ll get a full report view complete with cover page and table of contents. Now you can print out and show off all of your important campaign stats, from subscriber activity to Facebook comments to performance advice. What’s that? You want to give your client the performance advice yourself? No problem, we want you take get the credit, remember? You can customize the report and remove any unwanted sections before you print it. Just click ‘Show report options’ and uncheck ‘Performance advice’. It’s that simple.

You can customize your print reports using the checkboxes to select/deselect your sections.

So, the next time your boss or client asks you to print out a campaign report, don’t grumble, give a whistle. Print their report and show them just how well their campaigns, and you, are doing.