May 10, 2010

New Mobile Device Previews Added

As of today, MailChimp’s Inbox Inspector (powered by Return Path) has added support for four new mobile environments; iPhone, Windows Mobile 6.5, Nokia/Symbian and Blackberry Curve. Inbox Inspector makes it one-click easy for you to generate screenshots showing how your email will render in the major desktop, web-based and mobile email apps.


See how your campaign will look on Nokia's N96 Series phone and more.

For the additional devices I mentioned above, instead of just getting a single image showing how your campaign will render, you’ll see a series of screenshots designed to simulate the action of a recipient scrolling from top to bottom when they read your email.

In addition, did you know that MailChimp can automatically create a mobile version of your campaign when you allow users to choose their preferred format? We’ll also automatically create a mobile friendly version of your campaign archive, which works with any mobile device that has a web browser.