May 15, 2013

New MailChimp: Navigation, Search, and Responsive Design

Earlier this week, Aarron wrote about the ideas that have guided our design process for New MailChimp, and one of them was ubiquity. Your work shouldn’t depend on where you are and which device you’re using—you should be able to log in to MailChimp and get to work, whether you’re accessing it from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. We’re introducing a completely responsive design, so MailChimp will work on different devices and screen sizes.

For the first peek at New MailChimp, we’ll look at the restructured navigation and search options. Account notifications are now displayed in the nav, and you can switch to Pro mode to simplify the layout, or tap the hamburger icon to expand and collapse menus on the iPhone. Search is in every part of the nav, too, so you can search for subscriber details, campaigns, lists, and reports from anywhere in the app.

Here’s a look at New MailChimp’s navigation, search, and responsive design:

If you’d like to see other previews of what’s coming, we’re releasing a series of blog posts and videos that go into a bit more detail: New MailChimp