Nov 10, 2008

New MailChimp Features – Mobile campaign links, e-commerce integrations, and more

We launched a slew of new features this weekend, which upgrades everyone to MailChimp v3.4. We’ll post more details about each feature soon, but here’s a quick breakdown of the major ones…

  • View Mobile Version: When recipients on mobile phones click the "View this in your browser" link to see your campaign’s archive, we’ll redirect them to an automatically generated, mobile-browser-friendly version of your campaign. Speaking of mobile: See MailChimp’s versions for iPhone, Google Android, and Yahoo Widgets.
  • Auto-Designed Email Templates: Whenever you create a new email template, MailChimp will visit your website, find your logo, look at your CSS code to determine your brand’s color scheme, fonts, etc., then he’ll automatically design an email template for you that matches your brand. It can be a real time-saver for people who don’t have their own graphic designers on staff. And it’s free!
  • E-Commerce Integrations: MailChimp now integrates with Magento, ZenCart, and osCommerce so that you can track sales, conversions, who bought what (and more) from your email campaigns (kind of like our Google Analytics 360 integration). Plus, you don’t have to add code snippets to your website, and you don’t have to "tag" links in your campaigns. It’s all automatic. Just in time for the holidays! Read more about it here.
  • New Language added: We’ve added Serbian to our list of languages (thanks to Nate and all our friends at the Serbian Cultural and Arts Center)! We’ve also added a few more "pseudo" languages, just for fun (including "Swedish Chef," Jive, Hacker, and Elmer Fudd). This brings our list of languages to—honestly, I’ve lost count. Something like 25 or 30.

All of the new features are free to MailChimp customers (they’re already live in your account), and we’ll be posting details, screenshots, and tutorials shortly.