May 17, 2013

New MailChimp: Campaign Creation

Before we got into the thick of designing New MailChimp, we did a lot of research and studied the ways our customers work. We were reminded that our customers are under tight deadlines, and when they log in to MailChimp, they don’t have a lot of time to put together a campaign. So we looked for ways to increase efficiency and shave time off of the campaign creation process. We eliminated design elements that didn’t serve a purpose, and reorganized the campaign creation part of the app to make sure the information is clear, useful, and only there when you need it. We think it’s going to help speed up your workflow so you can spend less time in our app.

Here’s a peek at New MailChimp’s campaign creation process and campaign dashboard:

If you’d like to see other previews of what’s coming, we’re releasing a series of blog posts and videos that go into a bit more detail found here: New MailChimp