Mar 29, 2011

New MailChimp Add-On for Concrete5

Update (5/15/15): After pledging $4 million to developers with great ideas, we’ve discontinued our integration fund. To learn more about the 750+ web services that connect with MailChimp, visit our Integrations Directory.

I’ve been in the throes of managing our newly launched integration fund and I’m starting to notice a really neat trend. Many of our applicants want to build integrations with MailChimp for their own products, while also releasing the same integration functionality as an open source add-on for the open source application they’re using to power their product. This is really exciting because it means developing applications that integrate with MailChimp continues to get easier.

The latest project to be launched out of the integration fund is called MailMonkey and it’s an add-on for the free, open-source CMS Concrete5.

MailMonkey allows you to add site users to your lists in MailChimp and easily create special interest groups within that list. You can also add a signup form to your website, create and edit email campaigns, and view real-time statistics on how your email campaigns are doing, all from within your website dashboard.

MailMonkey was created by SevenPixel3 and was born out of CEO Chad Cantrell’s need for an email solution that he could easily integrate with his product, MinistryPage is a website builder designed to provide an array of tools to church administrators that will make many of their overwhelming administrative tasks easier.

In addition to creating a professional-looking website and having access to MinistryPage’s ministry planning tools, Chad wanted his users to be able to sync their contacts, manage their email campaigns and view their reports all in one convenient space, without having to leave their own website. Plus, since MinistryPage is built on Concrete5, Chad knew he could also release his integration as an add-on into Concrete5’s open source community, allowing even more people to benefit from his development work.

So, Chad applied to the integration fund with his idea and we decided to fund the project. If there’s anything I love more than the Internet, it’s kittens on the Internet, (I’m just trying to be honest). And if there’s anything I love more than kittens in the Internet, it’s an integration that extends the utility of our application to as many groups of people as possible.