Jul 14, 2010

New List Dashboard

In addition to all the social stuff we launched in v5.2, we also went through the Lists area of MailChimp and did a little overhauling.

For starters, each list has new sub-navigation:


We’ve moved a lot of basic information about your list to the first screen, and called it "overview." There are also some new stats here:


We’re showing the average subscription rate, unsubscribe rate, and a new target subscription rate. This tells you how many new subscribers you need to keep your list size from declining. I’ve seen people with very large lists who send frequently (like every day) result in so many bounces and unsubs that their lists shrink every day. This will show you that. You can also see the average open/click rate for all your campaigns in that list.

You’re already familiar with the other stats, but we’ve moved them all to the same page now, and combined them with the list growth chart:


Look at that beautiful, organic list growth chart. That’s a list that’s about 10 years old, and nothing but double opt-in. Well, there was this one time I imported a "purchased" list (not what you think. shame on you).

List Import History

Below the chart, we’ve added an import history log that shows you all your recent imports, and how they turned out. Sometimes, people upload a list of 50 members. Usually, there are 1 or 2 invalid emails that couldn’t get imported. We tell you all that while importing, but most people (understandably) skip past it. Later, they wonder why there are only 48 people on the list. Well, the import history log will tell you:


Note that there are even some helpful links to troubleshooting import problems.

Top Locations

Another new feature we added is the Top Locations screen:


Using our geo tracking data, we’ll show you where your subscribers are from.

Notice in the top right corner, we show you how much of your list we have geodata for:


Under the pretty map, you’ll get your top countries:


Or you can click this little icon to switch to list view:


and get a breakdown of all the countries:


Notice that there’s a "Send to" button that allows you to geotarget that segment, and also a download to excel icon:


User-Agent Data

Under the List area you’ll also find our new user-agent screen, where we show you all the different email programs your subscribers use:


We covered this feature in more detail here.

Social Pro

Finally, the new Social Pro screen syncs your list to the social graph, so you can get more social insight about your subscribers:


It’s an optional add-on that you activate per-list.

We covered the Social Pro functionality in detail over here.

Hope you like the changes. We’ve ramped up the innovation and functionality really fast over the last few years here at MailChimp. Sometimes, we have tons of new ideas, and nowhere to put them. So we cram some of them here, and wedge some of them there. This year we’re putting some significant resources behind going back and re-organizing the UI. But no worries — the whacky ideas and innovation aren’t going to stop. We’ve only just begun!