Dec 21, 2011

New Guides for a New Year

Austin and I have been cranking out new guides like it’s our job!

Actually, that is our job. Hrmmm.

Anyway, we recently added several new guides to the site. Check them out—we’ve got a little something for everybody. Here’s a rundown of the newest additions.

MailChimp for High-Volume Senders:

Do you send two million or more emails a month? Well, aren’t you special. You might be looking for advice that’s specific to high-volume senders like yourself. This guide covers importing and maintaining large lists, avoiding spam filters, testing and tracking campaigns, popular integrations, working with our API, and other tips for publishers like you.

How to Select An Email-Marketing Agency:

If you’ve got way too much on your plate as it is, adding email newsletters to the mix probably isn’t going to happen unless you call in some help. We get it. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to working with agencies, this guide’s a good place to start. We’ll walk you through the process of finding a partner, go over some common services that email-marketing agencies provide, and list some helpful questions to ask agencies you’re looking at. The guide even includes a handy directory of MailChimp-friendly agencies, so you can rest assured that your new partner will do good work.

How to Use Google Analytics with MailChimp:

Your email campaigns are probably affecting your website’s traffic, and if so, you need to keep track of that stuff. MailChimp’s Google Analytics integration shows you stats about that performance, and our Analytics360 plugin pulls the info right into your MailChimp reports. This guide explains how to make your reports super informative by using MailChimp and Google Analytics together. The integration is free, and it’s easier than you think.

MailChimp International:

Whether you live outside the United States or many of your subscribers do, this guide will introduce you to all the international features MailChimp offers. Learn how to change your default time zone, send campaigns in your subscribers’ local time zones, translate your content, and lots more.

All that, and we just revised our Let’s Get Social, Bloggers, and Online Sellers guides. The others will get an update, along with the rest of our content, in the new year.

Our free guides exist to make you smarter and more successful newsletter publishers. You can read them online or download .zip files that include PDF, ePub and mobi formats. So stop by our resource gallery, and learn something.