Apr 25, 2011

New Guide: MailChimp Mobile

Are you always on the go? You can bet that your subscribers are too. MailChimp helps you keep track of your campaigns from your mobile device, and send smartphone-friendly campaigns for your subscribers. We’ve also got apps that allow you gather signups and scan coupons from mobile devices.

Our mobile guide gives you a tour of MailChimp’s mobile features. It covers:

MailChimp’s mobile web app
MailChimp for iPhone
MiniChimp for BlackBerry
Sending QR coupons with Pyow
MailChimp’s mobile signup apps
MailChimp’s mobile-friendly templates
API wrappers

…and lots more. Our Mobile Lab is constantly improving existing features and inventing new ones. Let them know what you think in the comments.

Download the free guide at mailchimp.com/resources.