Mar 26, 2012

New features: Instapaper merge tag, Twitter enhancements, international currencies, more templates

Every four weeks, we release new MailChimp features (keeps things interesting). Today, we’ve started rolling out the following new features:

  • Twitter integration is list specific now, instead of account specific. Instead of linking your entire MailChimp account to one Twitter handle, you can now assign different Twitter handles for different lists. That means you can see different Tweet Trends for different lists.
  • More beautiful HTML email templates: We continue to add templates. And Fabio plans to keep adding templates until you beg him to stop adding templates. This time, he’s added more Easter, sports, and education templates, plus tweaked some of our mobile templates. He’ll post details soon, as usual.
  • Instapaper merge tag allows you to add automatic "read later" buttons to your RSS-to-email and normal newsletters. This is particularly handy if you know a lot of your subscribers read email on their smartphones, and might want to read your content later with the Instapaper app. After Allison wrote our tutorial on this, we couldn’t help but "just make it a button."
  • 10 more international currencies: The majority of MailChimp’s users are not based in the US. So it felt silly making them pay in US Dollars. Late last year, we began adding new currencies to MailChimp. You can now set your account to bill you in: GBP, EURO, AUD (Australian Dollar), INR (Indian Rupee), NZD (New Zealand Dollar), BRL (Brazilian Real) DKK (Danish Krone), SEK (Swedish Krona), SGD (Singapore Dollar), ZAR (South African Rand), CHF (Swiss Franc), and MXN (Mexican Peso).
  • Campaign creation process revamped: We changed the campaign builder to make it easier for new users to get started, and easier for advanced users to get to their stuff. We also further enhanced our new file manager by speeding up the image loading and adding a few more advanced border editing options.
  • Campaign referrer stats, now with less sodium: We’ve always tracked when people tweet or like your emails, but you have to take those newfangled stats with a grain of salt. So we’ve added good old-fashioned referrer tracking to your campaign archives.
  • Segment by Golden Monkeys: A couple years ago, we introduced the idea of marking special members on your list as VIPs (we call them "Golden Monkeys"). Then, you can see how your GMs like your content with this nifty mobile app. Now, you can send targeted campaigns to those GMs.

When we launch new features, it usually takes three days to propagate to all 1.6 million user accounts across all our data centers. I always have to post overviews like this for the people who find new features early. We’ll be posting details about new features throughout the week, so stay tuned.