Jun 30, 2010

New Facebook Insights At The 10,000 Fan Mark

We surpassed 10,000 fans on Facebook earlier this week and noticed some changes to our page that are kind of interesting. So first of all, a huge thanks to all 10,100+ MailChimp Fans. We promise to keep listening, innovating and making email fun so that you can focus on growing your business, organization or fan base. Capeesh?


When you hit the 10,000 fan mark, Facebook gives you access to new and exciting metrics for your wall posts– impressions (the number of times a story has been seen on your wall and in the news feed of your fans) and feedback (the number of comments and likes per impression), which provides a rough approximation of how engaging your content is. These Insights show up for the page admin when you mouse-over.

They’ve also implemented a much improved Insights dashboard where you can view all your Page, Application, and website analytics, and this is available regardless of the number of fans you have. The Insights dashboard provides more data than before, plus a host of new visualization tools including the ability to view full screen, print, and save graphs. These visualization tools are pretty handy if you need images for a presentation or report, or just want to show your aging boss with the bad eyes a full screen version so she can read it more easily.


Here’s a peek at our Daily Active Fans graph (above).

On a somewhat related note, here’s an interesting little stat I discovered while digging through Google Analytics recently. Referrals from facebook.com account for 13.20% of all visits to campaign-archive.com, which is the domain that hosts the archived version of the email campaigns you send. According to the data, only 5.70% of traffic comes from Twitter, which is the next highest referrer.


Based on the numbers, it looks like Twitter users are slightly more engaged though, spending an average of 41 seconds on the site versus Facebook users’ 36 seconds.