Jul 10, 2006

New Enhancements to MailChimp

We made a few quick enhancements to MailChimp’s interface over the weekend. Most involve the "Create Campaign" screen, but we also made some improvements to the "Lists" area…

1. New Campaign Preview Pop-Up:
Don’t worry, we didn’t take away the chimp’s "stretchy arm." We know how mission-critical that is to you guys. We just added a little checkbox that displays your email’s "header" information, so that you can preview what the "To:" and "Subject" lines will look like for each recipient. This is really handy if you like to place *|MERGETAGS|* into those fields:


2. Pop-Up *|MERGETAG|* Hints:
Have you ever been in the middle of coding a campaign, then wondered, "what the heck is my *|MERGETAG|* for company name?" Now you can click a little button on the Create Campaign screen, and we’ll pop-up a little window with a list of all your database’s *|MERGETAGS|*


3. Hotmail Abuse Complaints:
We’ve already had this in place for your AOL recipients, but we just recently added Hotmail and MSN to the list: If any of your Hotmail.com or MSN.com recipients classifies your message as "Junk," the member is automatically cleaned from your list (he obviously doesn’t want to hear from you anymore). This "auto-cleaning" feature is to prevent blacklisting by Microsoft and AOL. Hopefully, more and more of the major ISPs will offer abuse reports like this, so we can help you keep your lists free of complaints.

To view each campaign’s abuse reports, go to its "Stats" page, and you’ll find links:


By the way, you should start worrying if your complaint rate hits about 0.01%. If it gets up to about 0.03%, it’s really bad to some ISPs, and they’ll start blocking mail from your server. To help protect the deliverability of our system for all our users, we suspend accounts that exceed a certain threshold, and that we think could jeopardize our servers.

4.  More Detailed Error Popups:
We always hated those terse little JavaScript errors you’d get if you forgot to include a Subject line, or our *|UNSUB|* tag.

So we created an error pop-up window that provides a quick list of all the "oopsies" we found with your campaign, plus detailed information about how you can fix ’em. We even go ahead and give sample code for some of the errors, so you don’t have to go searching our knowledge base for answers:


5. New Lists Dashboard:
We added some new icons to the Lists Dashboard to make it a little easier to get to your List Settings and Customization screens. Also, if you like to create tons of test lists like us, you might also feel the need to delete your lists a lot like us, too. So there’s a little "Delete List" trash can on this page now:


6. New Control Panel & Customization Screens:
We changed the design and layout of the "List Control Panel" and "Customization" screens just to make it easier to find stuff. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these areas by clicking on the little "Settings" and "Customize" icons from the Lists Dashboard.