Jul 22, 2009

New Email Deliverability Benchmark Report from ReturnPath

email-non-deliveryReturnpath has released another depressing (but informative) deliverability benchmark report. Here’s an eye-opening snippet:

"Deliverability Failures Continue to Plague Marketers with more than 20% of Email Not Delivered to the Inboxes in the United States and Canada"

Hmm, if my math is correct, that means on average, only 80% of your list ever really gets delivered. Where does the other 20% go? Most just go missing. Yeah, seriously. It’s normal. Your mail man occasionally loses mail, so why can’t computers lose email too? It’s only fair. Some of the lost emails go into the spam folder (but not as much as you think).

Get your copy of the report here.

If you’re new to the topic of email deliverability, and you’re wondering what MailChimp does to help our customers get into the inbox, here’s a resource for you.