Sep 20, 2010

New EepURL Sharing Activity Stats

magnifiqueIn February of 2009, we launched eepURL, a custom URL shortening service that would ultimately be integral to all of MailChimp’s social tracking and measurement features. A lot of people asked "why another URL shortening service?" especially when there are so many others out there, like, with even more tracking functionality, and used more openly. Turns out having a closed, proprietary system was a good thing for deliverability (see: URL shorteners and blacklists).

Besides, our plan all along was to keep adding more email-specific tracking functionality and visualization to eepURL anyway…

With MailChimp v5.3, we added some nice visualization to your campaign’s eepURL sharing activity.

Whenever people share your campaign’s eepURL via twitter, Facebook, or their blog, or anywhere, we’ll show you where on the planet their friends clicked:


we’ll also show you the aggregate clicks on your eepurl:


and the top 10 referrers:


Think of the new stats as having your own little, but for your email marketing campaigns.

You’ll find them under the social stats screen within your campaign reports: