Sep 8, 2011

New Customer Story: Raleigh Denim

Josh and I went to North Carolina this summer to visit Raleigh Denim, one of America’s best blue-jean lines. Once I finished gawking at the paper-airplane ceiling in their shop, we took a tour of their workshop and learned about the jean-making process, from pattern to production. It’s fascinating stuff.

While we were wandering around the store, a label caught my eye:

"We love what we do." It’s MailChimp’s unofficial tagline, and it’s what our Customer Stories are all about—celebrating people who care deeply about their craft. Raleigh Denim’s founders Victor and Sarah clearly love showing up to work every day, and that makes their story fun for us to share. Josh put together a short video that captures that spirit and explains what’s so special about handcrafted blue jeans.

Do you have seven minutes? Check out the Customer Story. It’ll probably make you want a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans, so consider yourself warned.

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