Apr 29, 2013

New Collaboration Features for Teams

For a lot of our customers, MailChimp campaigns are a team effort. They collaborate about content, send tests, gather feedback, and then request approval and sign-off. So in v8.2, launching today, we’re adding some collaboration tools to MailChimp to make all that easier. Here’s a preview of what’s coming.

Let’s start with the new "Comments" tab in the drag-and-drop editor:



Amazing things happen under that little tab.

Just Reply to Comment

While you’re working on a campaign, open the new Comments tab:


You’ll notice a blue button to "send a test email" and start a conversation.

Your test emails can include a personal message now:


Which will appear at the top of your test email inside a gray bar:


Your recipients can simply reply to the test email:



and then their comment will automatically appear in the comment panel back inside MailChimp:


Completed Tasks

Did you notice the "Mark as Completed" link in the screenshot above? Yep, to help organize some of the comments and feedback you’ll get, you can mark them as completed, and we’ll move them to the bottom:


We’ll even add a little "check" icon, to validate what a productive person you are. Seriously. You deserve a raise.

Comment Notifications

If there are members of the team that should be notified every time a new comment is posted, you can specify them here:



Select the members that have been given access to the account (this pulls from the multi-user access levels we released back in v8):


Every time a new comment’s posted, they’ll get an email. In the future, we’ll offer the option to send notifications via our native MailChimp Mobile app.

The Way Teams Actually Work

As companies get larger, their email campaigns turn into team projects. And the teams are diverse. You have designers, writers, marketers, and management all working together to create content, select customer lists, approve messaging, and then some brave soul has to push that final "send" button. This dream team is almost never in the same room at the same time. It’s almost impossible to get them all to review an email at once. So that’s why we focused on building for asynchronous collaboration. In other words, co-workers reply via email whenever they have the  time—from work, from home, or on the go.

Inline Collaboration Too

Of course, if they so happen to be in the office at the same time as you, they can also sign in to MailChimp and comment back and forth with you (like a hovering art director) in real time:


Neapolitan now lets you know when others are currently editing.

Who is currently editing this campaign?
The editor now shows you who is currently editing a campaign.

Their edits happen in real time and are color coded, so you can see what they changed:

Either way you choose to work together, MailChimp works the way you work. We’ve got even more tricks up our sleeve coming in the next few releases—ones we think will help teams design and collaborate around their campaigns even faster.