Sep 21, 2006

Nearly One Third Of Opens Occur Within 1 Hour

We analyzed open rates for just under 2,000 HTML email campaigns recently sent from MailChimp, and found that of the total number of people who would eventually open those emails:

  • Nearly 1/3 will open within the first hour of sending (we’re all addicted to email, aren’t we?)
  • The majority (53%) will open within 6 hours
  • 78% will have opened within 1 day
  • Within 1 week, 95% of openers will have opened
  • And people will still open your email a full 30 days after sending (so don’t archive your hosted images too soon!)

Pretty interesting stuff, if you:

  • Send breaking email news alerts
  • Send email invitations to weekly events (give it a day or two for maximum effect, but it’s nice to know that lots of people will open within hours)
  • Send followup campaigns to "those who did not open." Give people at least 1 week before you assume they didn’t open.

Finally, you should note that the Y-axis is not a "percent of list" but a "percent of those on your list who will eventually open." For example, if 30% of your list opens your email (that’s about average), this would show that 53% of that 30% will open within 6 hours.