Sep 28, 2009

MySpace Mail usage slowly growing

On July 30th, the social site MySpace (with around 130 million users) rolled out a new email service in beta. If you didn’t catch that in the news, here are some stories about it from Mashable, TechCrunch, and Giga Om.

So is this something email marketers should worry about? Not just yet. We analyzed all outgoing campaigns from MailChimp to see how many emails were being sent to the domain, and found a spike around June, then only gradual growth since their official beta launch:


They’re not quite as huge (in terms of opt-in email subscribers) as Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Gmail yet. But we’ll keep watching the stats, because some day they might be a big email player. That’s definitely their goal, according to the article from Giga Om:

"Given its large user base, MySpace claimed in a press release that its new mail service can eventually become the fourth-largest mail provider in the world and the second largest in the U.S. Yahoo is currently the largest email provider in the U.S."