Jul 30, 2015

More Tips for Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Update (1/10/2017): Twitter has retired their Lead Generation Card feature. Going forward, if you wish to share a link to your signup form on Twitter, you can do so using MailChimp’s social share options. For more information, visit our Knowledge Base.

Update (1/3/2017): On January 10, Twitter will be retiring their Lead Generation Card feature. After that date, you’ll no longer be able to create new cards, and existing cards will stop passing information back to your MailChimp account.

A few weeks ago, we explained how we use Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards to collect new subscribers for our own email lists. We also told you a little bit about how we used our segmentation features to send targeted emails to catch up new subscribers on back issues they might have missed. Today, I’ve got a few more ideas for setting up those Lead Gen Cards, and how you can do more with the new subscribers they send your way.

Think beyond list growth

While attracting new subscribers is likely your goal, you don’t have to make your mailing list the focus of your Lead Gen Card. For example, we recently noticed e-commerce platform Symphony Commerce using Twitter Cards to promote their product demos:


This is a great way to connect with Twitter users who might not be interested enough to join your main mailing list—yet. With all the contact info collected from the Twitter Card, it’s easy for Symphony Commerce to send out their demo and follow up with new contacts later.

Do more with automation

If Symphony’s demos have inspired you to think beyond the standard email newsletter, there’s plenty more where that came from. Looking for an easy way to deliver an online course, ebook, or other special offer to Twitter subscribers? MailChimp’s automation features can make it happen.


When you set up a Lead Gen Card and connect your MailChimp account, you unlock a new workflow option. In the MailChimp app, add a Signup Source segment to target Twitter users alongside triggers for Mandrill, Goal, and eCommerce360. Or select a custom workflow to send a timed automation designed for your social subscribers.

Connect with Tailored Audiences

After you’ve collected addresses via Lead Gen Card and sent a few campaigns, add a member-activity segment in MailChimp to find your best users from Twitter.


Then retarget them with Twitter Tailored Audiences or Facebook’s Custom Audiences. Select the new audience within Twitter’s ad manager, and promote your next ad to the people who are most likely to respond. If you’re paying CPM, this is a simple, effective way to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Get started today

Have we piqued your interest? Lead Generation Cards are easy to set up, fun to experiment with, and great for growing your list—whether you’re taking a straightforward approach or throwing in a little something extra. Try Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards today.