Oct 4, 2012

More Report Exploring in MailChimp Mobile

We’ve just published a new version of MailChimp Mobile for iPhone. With this latest update you can drill down deeper into your campaign reports. Update or download it on the App Store.

New Features

The new report detail is basically a lot more tappable. Opens and Clicks now take you to lists of "Who Opened" and "Clicked Links" respectively. You can drill down to see member profiles, along with Gravatars (when available). Just below the new Opens and Clicks numbers you’ll find your campaign’s List Average for these values as well, so you can easily compare the Campaign to your List’s historical average.

MailChimp Mobile Report Detail Screen

With the new layout, we’ve moved Bounce, Unsubscribe, and Complaint numbers to the list below open and click data. All of these stats can be explored if they exist.

You can see who Unsubscribed and you can even get their reason, if they entered one. Bounces and Complaints will show a list of subscribers who complained (boooo). Then, investigate further by tapping through to the subscriber’s profile.

More Mobile Updates

We’re working on updates to MailChimp Mobile for Android as well, so expect that soon. There’s also a new version of AlterEgo available for iPhone and Android. The new release adds support for iPhone 5 as well as a new refresh button for both platforms.

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