Mar 19, 2009

Monsters overtake MailChimp headquarters

We first met local artist Chris Hamer (Myspace | Etsy) over in the MailChimp Jungle (see his profile), and fell in love with his work. So we asked him to "graffiti up" our office with some of his monsterific style. He’ll be visiting our headquarters and painting monkey-related monsters all over the place. Here’s some of his preliminary work:


Some sketches of more monkey-related monsters to come:


How it all got started

We just asked Chris to swing by, take a look at our "Jon Hicks logo," and then pretty much gave him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. Our only request was that in some way, the monsters be monkey related. Oh, and we want at least one upside down monkey hanging from a ceiling somewhere. He went away for a while, then showed up with some paint and got started.

He’s really, really fast.


A close-up of "Chimpzilla:"


a sketch of what the finished project will look like:


We’re super excited about the other monsters he’s got in the works. We hear there will be some 3-D props coming soon too.

If you like Chris’ style, be sure to check him out on Myspace/urbnpop.

If you’re from the Atlanta area, or if you’ve ever driven through the city, you’ll love some of his work on Etsy (particularly the "Big Chicken").

Here’s a cool video of Chris in action:

We’ll post more of Chris’ sketches over in the MailChimp Jungle photo album.