Mar 9, 2010

MonkeyRewards Dashboard

monkeyrewards-thmMailChimp users on our freemium plan know that we include little MailChimp badges in the footer of their emails. It’s what keeps their emails free (they can be removed when they become paid customers). But did you know that when their recipients click on those badges and become customers, they both earn $30 in rewards? Yep. Not only are we making email free, we’re paying people in some cases. And the badge isn’t just for our users on free accounts. Paying customers can add our badge in their footers to earn MonkeyRewards too. Why are we doing this? Because we’re absolutely insane (according to our accountant).

And you can track just how insane we are by using the MonkeyRewards Dashboard…

Log in to your MailChimp account, then click on the "Account" tab:


then, click on MonkeyRewards:


You’ll be taken to your MonkeyRewards Dashboard, where we show you how many MonkeyRewards you’ve earned, and how many people you’ve referred:


Above is one of our top referrers. As you can see, he’s a free user, but he’s earned 6 Inbox Inspections for his account, and $60 in rewards this month alone. $720 in total. If you want to earn some free email credits, and you don’t mind spreading some monkey love in the process, give this a shot. Here’s how to implement our badges.

Yes, there is a catch.

In order to be eligible for rewards, you need to be a paid customer. But this user can basically just plunk down $9 for our lowest pay-as-you-go plan, or $30 for our lowest monthly plan, and then bam: moving forward, $720 in credits will be waiting to be applied to his MailChimp bill.