Nov 10, 2008

Mobile Version of Campaign Archive

Each and every email campaign sent out with MailChimp is given a permanent, unique address in our Campaign Archive.  This is the location we link to from the campaign header text: Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. (click to view the example shown at left)

In MailChimp v3.4, we’ve added an elegant new feature that will automatically translate your campaigns into a mobile friendly version when viewed in a mobile browser.  It’s automatic and the feature just works! There is no need to change your opt-in form to provide a mobile option under "preferred format" because we’ve built this functionality into the system for you.

At left, you’ll see an email campaign sent from Soup Studios just as it appeared in my iPhone mail.  All I have to do to view the mobile device optimized version is click on the "View it in your browser" link in the email header.  This automatically opens the link in my iPhone’s Safari browser– which MailChimp can detect– and displays a mobile version of the campaign.  Pretty cool stuff, huh? (see screen shot below)

Automatically Optimized for Mobile Devices

One more point worth mentioning is that if you’re on the go and want to view a campaign, you can easily check out the mobile version on your hand-held device.  Unlike when you opt-in to a list and select "mobile device" as your preferred email format, with MailChimp you will still have the original email available for viewing when you get back to your computer.

This works for all mobile devices with a web browser, so it’s not just for iPhone users.  It comes as no surprise that four out of five doctors recommend taking advantage of mobile versions of email campaigns in conjunction with MailChimp for iPhone, Android, or Yahoo Blueprint enabled devices.