Feb 26, 2009

Microsoft .Net Sync Module for MailChimp

microsoft_net_logoOne of our API users (Wim De Coninck) has written a tool to help .Net/Windows users sync up their lists with MailChimp. It basically lets you enter some very simple MailChimp info (apikey, list name, fields to sync) in a config file, write a little "glue" code, then just run the sync program.

Download the .Net MailChimp sync module here.

but wait, there’s more!

Be sure to check out the MailChimp API downloads page for other useful wrappers:

and the MailChimp Plugins page for quick integration with apps like:

and more.
If you’re a developer, you can use the MailChimp API documentation (mailchimp.com/api/rtfm/) to create your own plugin.

Batchbook, a really cool online CRM tool, used the MailChimp API to create this seamless integration:


Adam Stone, from D-Tools, has created a nifty Wordpres plugin for RSS-to-email campaigns that gives you more control over your RSS campaign design than MailChimp’s default settings.

Murray Summers has created some nifty tools for his clients that sync with MailChimp reports and stats.

We’re seeing and hearing from other developers who are working on plugins (and making money selling them, too!). Hey, that’s less work for us, and more money for them. We like that.

If you’re handy with code, check out the API: