Oct 20, 2011

mediafeediaOFFERS: Deliver Facebook Deals

mediafeedia for facebook

At its core, mediafeedia is a content management system for Facebook that allows you to manage your business pages, schedule posts and interact with your customers. But it also provides a powerful tool for creating, delivering and tracking special offers through Facebook. That means you can create a special offer landing tab for your business page, collect opt-in email addresses when people sign up for your promotion, and then seamlessly import them into MailChimp once the user confirms opt-in.

I recently read an interesting post by Andrew Blakeley, who tackled a one-week challenge to like every brand that asked him to (on Facebook of course). The experiment was borne out of the frustration that brands and marketers seem to be constantly asking us to find them on Facebook, yet they rarely offer a reason for us to do so.

In fact, Blakely found that only 10 of 46 brands across a whole spectrum of industries, both on and offline, offered a reason to like them. He goes on to say, "In 2011 it’s more or less a given that your brand can be found on Facebook, and consumers know that. What they don’t know is why they should bother."

mediafeediaOFFERS wants to help bridge the disconnect by giving you the means to grow your Facebook audience through page likes and opt-in email. So not only will your customers see your content in their newsfeed on Facebook, you’ve also established the basis for engaging with them through email by offering a special incentive. If you’re looking for a way to kickstart your email marketing program, mediafeediaOFFERS is a great place to start.

Still not convinced? Read how Squeeze Bar in Charleston grew to over 1,000 fans and 400 new customers after implementing a mediafeediaOFFERS tab on their Facebook page. That’s an impressive 40% response rate, and it translates into measurable ROI.

To create a special offer tab on Facebook, mediafeedia charges $99 for setup and then a monthly fee, starting at $9.99 per month. But because we really like this integration and think you will too, the first 500 users to sign-up for mediafeediaOFFERS and synchronize it with MailChimp will have the setup fee waived. (You can use mediafeedia as a content management system for Facebook free of charge.)

If you’re a business with a Facebook page, mediafeediaOFFERS can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. We’d love to hear how you’re using this integration in the comments below.