May 19, 2011

v5.9: Social Profiles Returns, PAYG Inbox Inspections, UI Improvements

We’ll be launching some new features next week. If all goes as planned, customers will start to notice new features on Monday morning, but it’ll take until end of Tuesday to propagate to all accounts. We’ll post more details after we go live, but here are some highlights…

  1. After a bit of a hiatus, our Social Profiles feature returns
  2. $3 Inbox Inspections for pay-as-you-go customers
  3. Switched data providers for more accurate geo targeting
  4. Google Apps enhancements
  5. Tons of miscellaneous UI enhancements

Social Profiles Returns:

We first launched Social Profiles in July of last year, and it really took off (especially after we announced it was "free till March 2011"). But in December, we had to "pause" the feature in order to find a new data source. Well, we’ve found a new provider, and are ready to re-launch Social Profiles. Functionality remains exactly the same as before. Only the data source has changed. This means a couple things. If you had Social Profiles enabled in your account, it will be disabled next week and all its data will be deleted. If you want to use the new Social Profiles, you will need to re-enable the feature in your account, and it will start pulling in new social data from the new provider. Social Profiles pricing will be the same as when we first launched Social Profiles: 20% above whatever you were paying for any of the lists where it’s enabled.

$3 Inbox Inspections

In case you missed it, we recently announced that we made Inbox Inspections feature free for all monthly users. Many thanks to Litmus for helping us make this possible. At the time though, the feature was totally unavailable for our pay-as-you-go users (yeah, sorry — we had to move really fast on this). Anyway, we’ve circled back around and created an "a la carte" way for our pay-as-you-go users to purchase Inbox Inspections. They are now available for $3 per inspection (note: one "inspection" includes testing on all 30+ email apps and these spam filters).


More Accurate Geo Targeting

Last year, we launched our geo-targeting feature.  It used a free, open-source an IP address database that worked pretty decently. Its main drawback was that it used your ISP’s location, so if your subscriber lived in New York, and their ISP was in New Jersey, we’d show their location as New Jersey. We’ve decided to switch to a different (ahem, expensive-and-not-open-source) data provider that has more accurate geo location. Because we love you.


Google Apps For Existing Accounts

Back when Google launched their Apps Marketplace, MailChimp was one of the first companies invited to the directory (here’s our announcement). But back then, it only worked for users setting up new MailChimp accounts. If you had a pre-existing MailChimp account, you couldn’t link it to your Google Apps account. Which sucked. So we went back and added the ability to link a pre-existing MailChimp account to your Google Apps. And I hear the nerds in the lab are working on even more Google integration goodness.


Miscellaneous UI Enhancements

We’ve got a slew of UI tweaks coming, too. Mostly stuff that our users have been requesting over in the MailChimp Jungle, such as:

The features will begin rolling out Monday 7am ET, and finish some time Tuesday evening.