May 31, 2005

Marketing Solutions For The Beleaguered Not-For-Profit

Marketing Columnist Alf Nucifora lists some practical advice for non-profits in, "Marketing Solutions For The Beleaguered Not-For-Profit.

Non-profits, charities, alumni associations, and political groups
can use email marketing tools to invite their members to events, link
to donation drives & online surveys, and deliver their newsletters.

Email won’t replace your print campaigns 100%, but it can definitely
cut down on costs. For example, if your database is composed of 10,000
recipients, and you want to send a printed newsletter to them once a
month, the cost of printing the newsletter and mailing it to 10,000
recipients can run you over $4,000 (using some of the cheapest online
printers out there). Compare that to about $100 using something like
MailChimp to send an email newsletter.