Aug 12, 2014

Marketing Automation for Everyone

A long time ago, in a release far, far away, we built a feature called autoresponders. After sending nearly a million campaigns totaling more than 700 million emails, it’s time for a facelift. More than just a rebranding, though, we’re overhauling the way we do automated emails, and overhauling it in a way that’s specific to MailChimp and our users.

We’ve got 92,000 customers who send automated emails. They’re doing interesting things like  back-in-stock messaging, lead nurturing, and educating customers. They’re making money and they’re empowering their readers. A couple years ago, we even experimented in some automated empowerment of our own. Moreover, we’ve been watching and learning from these 92,000 folks, visiting them and asking them questions, compiling extensive research as we decided how to best improve this feature.

Now, we’re pleased to introduce marketing automation a complete rebuild focusing on a single interface for managing multiple emails, simplistic and robust workflows for several automation scenarios, and advanced send-time management. Let’s take a quick tour of automation’s flexible and powerful features.

Pre-built workflows

There are many great reasons to send automated emails to your subscribers, but we’ve consolidated some of them into a feature we’re calling workflows. Welcoming your subscribers, building an educational email series, or sending a happy birthday email lets you make your readers happy and empower them. For our eCommerce360 customers, we’ve added workflows for rewarding your best customers by sending automated emails based on specific purchases. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about creating workflows.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.09.15 AM

Customizable send times

One of the most exciting features we’re introducing is the ability to customize when your automated emails are triggered. You can send immediately after an event occurs—subscribing to a list, purchasing a product, clicking a link. This allows you to instantly and automatically engage a customer with relevant content. Even though these events are unpredictable, you can set up your workflow to keep track of them for you.


With automation’s advanced delivery settings, you can set your workflows to send any time of day, at a specific time during the day, or in between two specific times. The various sending options let you make sure your message will be in front of your customers when they’re most likely to read it. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about configuring automation workflow options.


Segmentation and scale

As your company grows and your marketing needs change, automation scales with you. Build your own automation rules with our segmentation tool. Design custom workflows by choosing your trigger criteria, list segment, and number of steps in the series. Target customers by location, purchase, or any number of criteria specific to your business. Wanna really dig in? Try our data science team’s Discover Similar Subscribers feature.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.11.11 AM


Extensive, aggregate reporting

Automation includes a single, consolidated interface for managing all of your emails. Drag and drop your emails into the right order, editing the time delay between each one. Track performance of each individual automation email while viewing aggregate information on how your automation campaign as a whole is performing.  The ability to view each individual sending queue has been added to increase the visibility of our sending process. And our built-in reporting features track conversions and engagement so you can make changes as necessary.

multiple emails

To be continued

Developing automation has been fast paced and exciting. Our goal has been to give our customers a powerful and flexible marketing automation system with our MailChimp style to boot. We think we’ve done that, but look for continued development on this platform over the next few release cycles, as we continue to incorporate more research and make automation better for you.