Jan 12, 2011

MarkdownMail Promo!

Yesterday we announced the integration of MarkdownMail with MailChimp! Today we’ve got some more exciting news with this application. As mentioned in the original post, the app is $3.99 on the App Store. Not a bad price, but how does FREE sound? Little better, huh? We’ve decided to reimburse you for the cost of the application if you decide to use it within the next 30 days. The reimbursement comes in the form of MonkeyRewards credits, so you will have $3.99 added to your MailChimp account to go towards your monthly plan, pay-as-you-go credits or Inbox Inspections. To qualify for the credit, MailChimp subscribers will need to set up a draft campaign using the Markdownmail app before February 11, 2011 and we’ll automatically add the credit to your account. Yay!