Jan 11, 2011

MarkdownMail Integration For iOS Devices

There’s a new way to bring in your content from an iOS device. The team over at Second Gear has updated their MarkdownMail app to integrate with MailChimp! What does this mean for you? Now, you can create content on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and send it to your MailChimp account as a new campaign.

Say you’re at a conference and you need to take notes so you can inform your subscribers of some big news. Just type away on your device, send it off to MailChimp and skip a middle step of typing it in a text editor or an email. This can also be handy if you’re in charge of getting your campaign out on a topic that someone else has already created the text for. They can just email you and you can copy and paste the text right from your email. Those are just a couple of scenarios you may find yourself in and be grateful there’s an app that makes this easy peasy.

When you finish composing your MarkdownMail draft, you’ll be ready to send the content to MailChimp. To do this, click the button in the bottom left corner with the little arrow in it.

Now, you’ll choose "Export to MailChimp"

If this is your first time sending to MailChimp, you’ll need to log in to your account, but after that, you’ll go straight to the "Lists" view where you can pick which list you’d like to send to.

Once the content is sent to MailChimp, it’s saved as a draft campaign titled "MarkdownMail Exported Campaign" (This can be changed on step 2 of the campaign builder). When you are back to your computer, you can go in and edit/format the text, add in your images and edit the overall feel for the campaign.

If you’d prefer to use one of our other templates, just click "change templates" and pick one that best fits what you’re looking for. Thanks to our Content Recovery System, if the text doesn’t transfer to the new template, just click "content" and select the text you’ve imported.

Look at that! You’ve created your campaign content in just a few easy steps from your iOS device (maybe last minute while riding the train into work? don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.)!

MarkdownMail requires an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.2 or later and is $3.99 on the App Store