Jan 2, 2008

Making it hard for spammers to get paid

Interesting thoughts from "Taking Down Spammers" at ZDNet:

"A law was passed in the United States which addressed online gambling operations (”Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” – UIGEA). As a result, the public gaming industry ceased accepting online wagers…Spam decreased. The underlying cause for that was that the clients weren’t there due to the inability to process payments because of the online Casinos law. There is nearly no more Casino spam in our mail inboxes. Isn’t that grand?"

And another:

"The mortgages market in the United States underwent serious economic changes with the sub prime mortgage collapse. Suddenly, spammers lost even more clients when several major subprime mortgage lenders closed shop or filed for bankruptcy (some with fraudulent income reporting allegations hovering over them). We nearly never see any mortgage spam in our inboxes anymore. Isn’t that grand?"

Here’s the full story:

Taking down spammers: Successful spam fighting via legalization, regulation and economics – Posted by Larry Dignan