Jun 17, 2008

Making Cool Screencasts with Vara Software’s Screenflow

screenflow iconBefore we launched MailChimp v3, we created teaser videos of our product and emailed them to customers. We showcased all the amazing new features of MailChimp, but more people wrote back and asked, "How’d you make those videos?!?!?" than about the new MailChimp. Heh.

So I put together a quick review of the software we used.

It’s over at Digital-Web: http://www.digital-web.com/articles/review_screenflow/

If you run a web application, and you want to put together professional looking product demos that are fast paced and slick, Screenflow is perfect.

And on the subject of online product videos for business, check out this review of the iPhone 3G product video over at Grokdotcom.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own product videos.