Sep 10, 2010

Making a Better Sign-Up Kiosk with Chimpadeedee

Back when we were prototyping Chimpadeedoo, our goal was to create a quick way to collect email addresses at a store register or event. After a lot of great feedback from our iPad prototype, we started building Chimpadeedee using Adobe AIR so it could be run on a desktop computer. This opened up the idea for a sign-up kiosk.

We’ve just released another version of Chimpadeedee with some new features (along with some bug fixes) that will make this a little easier.

Double Opt-In added to Chimpadeedee

Double Opt-In added to Chimpadeedee

Full Screen Mode

Chimpadeedee now runs in full screen mode. For Windows/Linux users, you can press F11 to toggle between a window and full screen. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll have a menu option (Window -> Zoom) as well as Command+Shift+F to do the same.

"Kiosk" tips: You may want to change the "Always on Top" setting for Windows Task Manager, since you will still be able to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to get it to appear. Also, Mac OS X won’t actually give up the goods when it comes to full screen mode, you can use Command+Tab to switch between your running applications, this includes Finder.

Double Opt-In

There’s a new check box in "Options" that allows you to enable/disable double opt-in. Now, new list members can confirm their subscription and have their subscribing IP address associated with the sign up.

These new options will give your subscribers a "kiosk"-like experience and keep lookie-Lous from checking out your files. You can download Chimpadeedee or update your installed copy from the MailChimp Labs page.