Nov 12, 2008

Major Spam Source Knocked Offline

Is your spam folder surprisingly empty this morning? This might be why:

Major Source of Online Scams and Spams Knocked Offline (Washington Post)
"We looked into it a bit, saw the size and scope of the problem you were reporting and said ‘Holy cow! Within the hour we had terminated all of our connections to them."

And have you ever wonder how spammers make money anyway? And how much?

Study shows how spammers cash in (BBC News)

"After 26 days, and almost 350 million e-mail messages, only 28 sales resulted…the response rate for this campaign was less than 0.00001%…these conversions would have resulted in revenues of $2,731.88—a bit over $100 a day for the measurement period," said the researchers."

So how do spammers send so many emails, anyway? If they can do it, there must be some legal loophole allowing anyone to do it, right? So that means we can all buy emal lists and blast out spam. Right?

Um, no. Spammers have to hijack computers to do their dirty work:
(scroll down to "Formation and Exploitation")

If spammers can get away with this, then so can I, right?
They don’t. And no, you can’t:
Authorities Shut Down Spam Ring