Mar 24, 2011

MailChimp’s Whisper Room

When we started doing webinars, they were all done by Dan, my co-founder. He hosted them from his office. Then more and more people started joining in, and things got a little crowded for Dan (check out some old photos here). Plus, it was a little noisy whenever it rained, because we’re on the top floor, and all. Then, we demolished that office because the support team needed room to grow. So we got some new office space on another floor of our building, and they hosted webinars there for a while. But it was near an exit door, and the slamming was too noisy.

So we decided it was time to get serious. We went and got a full blown sound booth for them:

MailChimp Sound Booth

It’s from a company called Whisper Room, and it’s totally covered in soundproof material. I think I heard that radio stations use this thing.

It’s kind of enormous. We didn’t do the best job with space planning on this one. As you can see in the pic above, it’s taken over the entire office downstairs. Heh. Totally worth it though.

Even the door hinges on this thing are sound proof:
Even the hinges are covered


There are ventilation ducts and cooling fans too, and they’re all built on the outside:
Ventilation fans and ducts are outside


Here’s a picture of Raul prepping for his next session:
Prepping for a webinar

Some more pics over on our flickr.

If you haven’t attended one of our webinars, you should give ’em a try. We work hard to make them interesting and even a little fun.

No seriously. We don’t send them to "webinar training" classes. We send them to a local improv theater:

Also, there are often pop quizzes and free prizes at the end of our webinars. Just to see who’s listening.

We’ve got some webinars for beginners, and are starting to host more advanced training too. Here’s a schedule of upcoming sessions.

I also hear they’re going to start up a "Chimp Talk" podcast, where they interview members of the MailChimp team with questions submitted by our customers. More on that soon.