Dec 3, 2013

MailChimp’s Subject Line Researcher

Ever struggle with writing your subject line? You might have missed a feature inside MailChimp that can help you with that. When you’re in the campaign builder, pondering which words to use, try clicking Research subject lines:

A window will pop up, allowing you to try different words and phrases. We’ll scan all the subject lines we’ve sent—we send about 10 billion emails a month, so that’s a lot of subject lines. Then, we’ll show you different variations of your words, and how they’ve typically performed. Since we need to generalize things, we’ve obfuscated proper nouns like names and brands, and you won’t get the exact performance data. Still, you’ll probably find some inspiration:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the words "holiday" and "sale" don’t appear together in any of the five- or four-star options. In fact, you’d have to keep scrolling a ways down to find them together. There’s one option ("holiday sale starts") with three stars, a few with two stars ("holiday blowout sale," "holiday sales," "holiday sale"), and a couple with one star ("holiday sale ends," "holiday sale off"). Interesting. Seems like we should change up our wording to get better results. Thanks, subject line researcher!